Howdy. I'm Nathan Klose.

But that's not important.

What's important is: you're here, I'm here. We're both here. And we can make some cool stuff together now.

Stuff that's human.

Stuff that lowers risk.

It's 2018, the future. People are tired of your shit.

Don't get me wrong. You, as a person, are fantastic. You're smart. You're likable. I like you and think you're smart.

But people are tired of your shit. People yearn for the you, the us, to be barefaced and real in their interactions. Who doesn't smell hogwash messaging the moment it scrolls into view? More curated, consumer-focused versions of a brand — as metaphor for product or service, as advertising conduit — don't cut it anymore. People want to experience each other as honest archetypes of a shared humanity, not algorithm-derived data points from some growth hacker's behavioral marketing scheme. It's risky to offer anything less than human.

We all want to know who's behind the jade advertorial curtains. People want other people.

I've been a lot of things for a lot of other people, to be sure. I've printed and mailed card stock at a blood bank, hustled 2AM zombie-shifts at a publisher, directed the rebrands of major companies, blistered my hands at ditch-digging, juggled hundreds of employees and numerous creative agencies all at once, scrubbed dung-brim toilets, repaired computers that had caught fire or got struck by lightning, bartended 80 year-old women who gently pinched my butt, sang opera, spoken for TEDx and for festivals and for employee retreats and for funerals.

But not all at the same time. And not always as some show of skill, some performance. More often, I did these things because I wanted to. Because I cared. (Anytime I didn't care, shit was the result.)

That's the real me. Welcome: this is not the website of some creative casanova, gold-soaked and brilliant. I am just a guy who cares. Heavily. I care about where we've come from, where we're going — and how we offer that to one another. It's why, even as a consultant, I still make stuff for my customers. I believe your ideas are worth being delivered by hand, always with other people in mind. I've been publicly recognized and won awards for making stuff like that. I've helped companies generate tens to hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars in revenue for it.

Your ideas qualify the effort, really. You're smart. You're likable. This is the future, after all. We live in an ever-expanding ideas economy. And your ideas are at the forefront. It's my job to help you make them happen.

So let's make stuff together. Not because we are conveniently in need of each other's business, charged with expediency or practicality — we're people here, too. It doesn't have to be that complicated.

Instead: let's make stuff together because we both care.

And because shit marketing is tiring. For everyone.