This is the biography section of the website. I’m surprised you’ve made it this far. What is it, like, 4:30pm where you’re at? Later? Maybe you just skipped down here. Maybe you’re a fast reader.

During the day, I operate as an obsession-powered, narrative-propelled creative director and futurist for clients across the United States. With a decade’s experience in copywriting, graphic, branding, and identity design, creative direction, web magic, public speaking, business strategy, narrative-focused marketing, team management, and a bunch of other important-seeming arenas that should be included in this profile for search-engine purposes, I’m ready to clamp jumper cables to your brand’s nipples and karate kick the switch amidst a lunatic yelp. Or at least caress your brand gently, nudging it toward the great outdoors, where it can be alive again.  I’ve been publicly recognized, oddly enough, for doing that. I’ve helped companies generate tens to hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars in revenue for doing that. I’ve even won some awards.

During the night, and my off-time when I’m not all of that: I write. I’m a published author and creative writing teacher.

I have a mustache. I have stick-to-it-ness, gumption, and an extensive curriculum vitae. My wife and I live with two dogs.

Read my narrative below. Then: let’s chat.

Brain Raising
BA Creative Writing, BA Linguistics,Minor, Vocal Music
Georgia Southern Universtiy, 2008
High School Diploma
Greenbrier High School, 2003
Middle School Diploma
Western Oaks Middle School, 1999
Elementary School Diploma
Wiley Post Elementary School, 1994
A Quick Looksies
Right Now
Consulting Creative Director for Individual Clients, Organizations Large & Small, Other Agencies
Before That
Corporate Creative Director over Books-A-Million, Inc., & All Associated Brands + Companies
And Before All That
Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Web Dev for Kruhu
Seriously, just read my C.V.
It's that link that says READ MY C.V.
Important Statistics
Juggling Flaming Coffins 35%
Eating Cars 75%
Salad 55%
Adaptation within constraints 90%